aerial factory photoFounded 1945 in Hollywood, Calif., Pearce Plastics' corporate headquarters is now located in its Pasadena, Calif., production facility. Pearce maintains production capabilities in the Western United States and Toronto, Canada.

Pearce Plastics produces two lines of packaging components for the Personal Care and the Food and Drug industries: Classique Closures and Jars by New Image One and New Image One Fundamentals.

The Classique line is designed to address the needs of firms either looking to take advantage of the lightweight durability of plastics over glass or metal, but still maintain the unique and elegant styling of these materials. If your firm is looking to upgrade its current plastic packaging, Image 1 closures offer a touch-point that will ensure your product stands out.

New Image One Fundamentals allows firms producing personal care products for the more price-conscious consumers the ability of create a more dramatic packaging.


Pearce Plastics has a Utility Patent on its Venting Cap Technology.


Personal Care, Food and Drug, Hobby/Craft Packaging, Pet Products, Custom Molding.


New Image One Classique Jars, New Image One Classique Caps and Closures, Deco' Rings, Cyber Colors™ and First Prize Pet Products.