Happi Magazine

One of the Personal Care's leading trade publications web page. An excellent resource for everything from cosmetic and personal care formulations to industry trends.

Cosmetic Index

Find or find out about all things cosmetics here.

Cosmetics Industry.Com

CosmeticIndustry.com is a place for people who love cosmetics — for professionals in the industry, for consumers who use cosmetics, for those who dream about having their own company.

FDC Reports

Since 1939, F-D-C Reports has been helping pharmaceutical and healthier executives and policy-makers understand the developments affecting the regulation and marketing of healthier products and services in the US F-D-C Reports. This Washington-based editorial team report on the latest regulatory, legislative and business news affecting the US drug, biotechnology, device and cosmetics industries.

Plastics News

If its happening in the plastic industry you can find out more about it here.


This site offers industry-specific news, discussion groups, classified ads, and links to nearly 3000 industry-related sites. PolySort is a vertical portal for the plastics and rubber industry.

Guerrilla Marketing Online 

This site features marketing tips and tricks.

High Probability Selling

A highly compelling sales philosophy that focuses your time and marketing resources toward clients that will benefit from your products or services and away from ones that won’t. A different slant on relationship selling, one that complements Guerrilla Marketing well.

Packaging Digest

Search current and past issues of Packaging Digest and other Cahners Business Information resources, including Lexis-Nexis, for news and reports on developments in packaging materials, machinery technology and market trends around the world.