red ball capsFor sixty-five years...

quality, innovation, and integrity have been the cornerstone of our business. We take great pride in our ability to deliver a product that will meet your needs.

Quality control is more than an aspect of manufacturing our products, it is priority one. From product conception to delivery... perfection is what we strive for.

To provide innovative, creative products that stand alone on the cutting edge of style and functionality is our quest. From the invention of the Self-feeding Pet Food Dispenser thirty years ago to the first dispensing Ball Cap, Pearce Plastic's Innovations has raised the benchmark of creativity in the Plastics Industry.

The legacy of our past innovations paves the road to our future.

The needs of our clients and vendor partners will always remain foremost in all our endeavors. Honesty and commitment to our customers total satisfaction has always been and shall always remain the Pearce Plastics Way.

Remember, when you are choosing a vendor for your next packaging project you have two choices: Choose a vendor that concentrates on what it takes to sell you their products, or choose New Image One, a vendor partner that focuses on what it takes to sell your product to your customers.


First and foremost, Pearce Plastics specializes in Customer Service. Our customer service representatives are not only trained to process your order, they are also and knowledgeable about the polymers that we use to produce our products, as well as the formulas used in Personal Care Products and how they interact.

Our special services include:

Laboratory analysis is also available to match your products with the perfect combination of packaging technology.