Guide to drinking water | Which water is the best? Low in minerals or alkaline? With or without hydrogen? (2024)

Drinking water filters are already a big step forward

But clean water doesn't always have to be good or taste good

This is partly due to the dissolved minerals. There are those that we like Magnesium and calcium, and others like Potassium, which make the water taste bitter. Or Sulfur and chlorine, which worsen the smell of the water. Too much Sodium We don't want it either, because it has an alkaline taste.

Also the Acid and base content affects the quality of the water. In Russia it is called acidic water also known as “dead water”. Just think of the coral reefs that are slowly dying due to acidic water. And Alkaline water is called water of life there.

The production of artificial mineral water by adding certain minerals, invented by the German pharmacist Struve at the beginning of the 19th century, continued with considerable success well into the 20th century. Minerals were mixed in a proportion that corresponded to famous natural healing springs.

Nevertheless, people still traveled to the healing springs because the effects of the drinking cures were much better there than at home. The artificial mineral water was missing something crucial:

The gases dissolved in the natural well were not present.

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Carbon dioxide | CO2

The only natural water gas added to mineral water was carbon dioxide. This makes the water acidic and therefore deadly for bacteria. This is of course very important for long transport routes and storage times for bottled water. But carbon dioxide is actually something that the body wants to get rid of with every breath because in too large quantities it is a deadly “sedative” that is used for anesthesia in slaughterhouses, for example. It was soon noticed that carbonated sparkling water was ultimately not really healthy.

oxygen | O2

Oxygen water initially emerged as an alternative. Of course, oxygen is definitely something the body can use. The air we breathe consists of more than a fifth of oxygen. So it's easy to create oxygenated water by swirling it with air. There are water swirlers, twisters and vortexes in all price ranges. And there is oxygen water in bottles into which oxygen has been pressed under pressure like carbon dioxide would otherwise be.

When there is normal air pressure, just 10 milligrams of oxygen per liter are dissolved in water at 10,9 degrees C. NASA, for example, calculates that each person needs 840 milligrams of oxygen per day. So drinking instead of breathing is probably not a good idea. O000 water seems more like a publicity stunt or something for fish.

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Since 2007, another gas in water has become important:
Dissolved hydrogen (H2)

It had already been discovered as an important component of important healing springs in the last century. Now, Japanese scientists led by Shigeo Ohta have discovered that hydrogen-rich water acts very selectively as a cell protection factor against free radicals. Well over 500 international studies have so far assumed one positive effect on more than 100 clinical pictures .

Accordingly, an industry for methods has developed with euphoria, hydrogen-rich water to produce. This works through Electrolysis using a so-called water ionizer, which also deacidifies the water and makes it alkaline. Another possibility is this Fumigation of water with hydrogen under pressure. And finally there is also chemical reagents such as metallic magnesium, which is dissolved in tablet form in water and ensures enrichment with hydrogen. Unfortunately they have Tablets, in contrast to the other two methods, have certain taste disadvantages, because they don't just consist of hydrogen.

In terms of results, all three methods come up against this Upper limit of 1,6 mg/liter, which are possible at 1 atmosphere of pressure in water.

That doesn't sound like much, but it does The scientists assume that 0,5 mg/l of dissolved hydrogen has a therapeutic effect. Because hydrogen is 8 times smaller than oxygen. Therefore, in one milligram there are many more effective molecules that can donate electrons.

And unlike other electron donors, which are up to 500 times larger, the hydrogen gets everywhere, even into the DNA.It is therefore a very useful cell protection factor.

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Hydrogen – The energy currency in the body

Now you might think: Hydrogen is the most common element in the universe. 75% of our solar system consists of it. Why should it be so valuable in the water?

But However, hydrogen is in short supply on our planet Earth. Only 0,12% of the total mass consists of it. In addition, terrestrial hydrogen is only rarely present as a pure gas. Most of the hydrogen is bound in water. You can only get him out of there with the expenditure of energy.

This is exactly what happens with electrolysis. You put electrical energy into the water and get biochemical energy in the form of dissolved hydrogen gas.

Today, special electrical devices are even available for on the go:

In the one released by AquaVolta® Hydrogen booster can be saved at the push of a button up to 6 milligrams of hydrogen per liter negative pressure. This is the water ionizer for the smartphone generation.

By the way, did you know that the main purpose of our food intake is to make hydrogen available in a complicated metabolic process? All of our energy production in the body ultimately relies on the combustion of hydrogen with the help of oxygen.

Therefore, from today's perspective, one can easily say:

Hydrogen water is the true energy drink. And yet calorie-free!

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Guide to drinking water | Which water is the best? Low in minerals or alkaline? With or without hydrogen? (5)

Further information can be found in the very detailed and free e-bookElectro-activated water, an invention with extraordinary potential, by Karl Heinz Asenbaum, 413 pagesa DAK Bungalow.

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Guide to drinking water | Which water is the best? Low in minerals or alkaline? With or without hydrogen? (2024)
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