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How to order groceries for delivery at Whole Foods (2)

Forgot an ingredient or need snacks to feed a large groupahead of the big game? You don't have to drive to the market. You can have your Whole Foods groceries delivered right to your door. The supermarket chain offers grocery delivery through Amazon. Not near a computer? No problem. You can even order your Whole Foods groceries via the Amazon app on your phone.

Are you an Amazon Prime member? Prime members get Whole Foods special offers, an extra 10% off sale prices and weekly Whole Foods deals.

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How to order groceries for delivery at Whole Foods

How to order groceries for delivery at Whole Foods (3)

If you have an Amazon account, you can shop for produce, snacks, prepared foods and more from your local Whole Foods Market via Amazon.

So how does it work? Sign in to Amazon and choose your local Whole Foods Market to make your food and drink selections. Then, choose a grocery delivery window that works for you. After you've placed your order, a dispatched shopper will let you know when they've started your order via the Amazon app.

The supermarket chain also offers in-store and curbside pickup.

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More online grocery delivery services to consider

Whole Foods isn't the only grocery store offering delivery. You can order from a number of grocery stores using the best online grocery delivery services in 2023.

How to choose the best grocery delivery service for you

You might be wondering, what should I look for when trying to select the best grocery delivery service?

Here are some things to consider: Whom are these groceries feeding? If you're having a party, you might want to order from a service with a prepared foods section or get groceries from somewhere that can deliver alcohol. Do you want fresh produce and meat delivered or only non-perishables? Do you want to shop mostly organic and non-GMO foods? What's your budget? And how often do you want groceries delivered?

We've found the most popular grocery delivery services that you can order from right now.

What are the most popular grocery delivery services?

Maybe you've heard these names before. See why Instacart, Walmart, Amazon and more have some of the best grocery delivery services in 2023.


How to order groceries for delivery at Whole Foods (4)

Instacartdelivers from a variety of grocery stores (it depends, as always, on where you're located) and in some areas, also delivers from liquor stores, pet stores and pharmacies. You can even order from Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's Wholesale through Instacart without needing to have a membership to those brick-and-mortar stores (though the same items will cost you more than they would in-store for members)—so it's potentially comparable to Amazon's grocery options, without the annual fee.

Instacart, starting at $4 per same-day orders over $35

$4 and up at Instacart


How to order groceries for delivery at Whole Foods (5)

Walmartgrocery delivery includes fresh produce, deli counter favorites, pantry items, bakery goods, frozen foods and alcohol. Right now, Walmart has special selections for the big game and for Valentine's Day. The retailer partners with local, third-party drivers to bring your order right to your door.

Walmart+ members that spend at least $35 on an order don't have to pay a delivery fee to have fresh groceries and more delivered right to their door.

Start your Walmart+ 30-day free trial


You can also order online and pick up your completed order at your convenience anywhere. While it may not be quite as easy as home delivery, it's still quicker than shopping yourself and means there's no extra fee. Either way, prices are always the same as in-store, and same-day pickup service is available.

Get your groceries from Walmart now



How to order groceries for delivery at Whole Foods (6)

Amazon Fresh,Whole Foods Market,Bristol Farmsand more offer grocery delivery and pickup through Amazon.

Meet all your grocery needs with Amazon Fresh, or have your favorite Whole Foods and Bristol Farms selections delivered to your home. All one- and two-hour delivery orders from Whole Foods Market will include a $10 service fee. Amazon Fresh has retail stores in select locations. At the time of publication, Amazon Fresh delivery is free for Amazon Prime members.

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Amazon announcedthat starting Feb. 28, Amazon Fresh will only be free to Amazon Prime members who spend over $150. Delivery fees will start at $10 for orders under $50, $7 for orders between $50 and $100 and $4 for orders between $100 and $150.

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How to order groceries for delivery at Whole Foods (7)

Shipt is pretty similar to Instacart, but it has a less widespread range of grocery stores and requires that you do purchase a membership to use the app, at $99/year or $14/month.

The benefit is that you basically have a personal shopper whom you can text with specific instructions and requests, so you get exactly what you want. You can even order items that aren't listed in the app but that you know the store carries. They deliver from Target, Kroger and Meijer grocery stores as well as CVS. There's also never any surge pricing and no delivery charge on orders over $35 for Shipt members.

First order, $0 delivery fee. Use code:GETSHIPT

Become a Shipt member, $99 per year

$99 per year at Shipt

Which online organic grocery delivery services are the best?

These grocery delivery services focus on organic produce, healthy snacks and even eco-friendly body care. Learn more about Thrive Market and Hungryroot below.

Thrive Market

How to order groceries for delivery at Whole Foods (8)

A Thrive Market membership starts at $5 a month. The membership fee gives you access to Thrive Market's discounted prices and exclusive sales on organic, healthy and alternative pantry essentials, sustainable meat and seafood, non-toxic cleaning,beauty itemsand more.

To best assess your grocery needs, Thrive Market asks you whom you're feeding, what you like to buy, how often you grocery shop, if you have any special food needs and what food-related values or causes are most important to you -- including organic eating, sustainable sourcing, animal welfare, artificial ingredients and more.

Thrive Market, starting at $5 per month

$5 per month at Thrive Market


How to order groceries for delivery at Whole Foods (9)

Hungryroot offers "good for you" groceries that can easily turn into recipes.

Hungryroot has customers take a short quiz to learn more about how they eat and what their goals are. The grocery delivery then recommends fresh produce, sauces and dips, meat and seafood, plant-based proteins, pasta and grains and more. Hungryroot offers a wide selection of organic and non-GMO produce and foods.

Right now, the brand is offering 30% off plus a free gift for life. All you have to do is create an account and select your free item when you sign up.

Hungryroot, starting at $65 per delivery

$65 per delivery at Hungryroot

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