Livingstone Bramble (2024)

1. Best I Faced: Livingstone Bramble - The Ring

  • Livingstone Bramble was a skilled lightweight, who held the WBA crown for 18 months in the mid-1980s, causing something of a surprise unseating poster-boy ...

  • In the latest installment of's 'Best I Faced,' Anson Wainwright catches up with former WBA lightweight titlist Livingstone Bramble.

2. 131 Livingstone Bramble Stock Photos & High-Res Pictures

  • Browse Getty Images' premium collection of high-quality, authentic Livingstone Bramble stock photos, royalty-free images, and pictures.

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3. Livingstone Bramble Biography

4. Livingstone Bramble, 24-1-1, big time and then.... - Boxing Forum

  • 1 apr 2024 · Didn't he do a Ring Magazine 'Best I've faced' interview a few years back where he seemed to be in complete denial about what happened in the ...

  • Boom! The ship went down! What do you all think happened to him? Specially after Chapo?

5. Livingstone Bramble - Age, Family, Bio | Famous Birthdays

6. livingstone bramble Archives - Kathy Duva - Ring Magazine

  • Main Events CEO Kathy Duva looks back at the build-up to the WBA lightweight title bout between Ray Mancini and Livingstone Bramble. read more ...

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7. Livingstone Bramble – Participant – Boxing TV - STREAMSTAK

  • Livingstone Bramble. Search enter icon. Edwin Curet vs Livingstone Bramble 1984 | Boxing Fights On-Demand. The October 24, 1984 lightweight ...

  • Live Events, Videos, News, And More

8. 3-livingstone-bramble-boxing - Times Caribbean Online

  • File Photo: Trudeau making sandcastle on one of his recent vacations by Times Caribbean Online Staff Writer, The very popular recently elected Prime Minister of ...

9. About: Livingstone Bramble - DBpedia

  • Ras-I Alujah Bramble (born Livingstone Bramble on September 3, 1960) is the former WBA Lightweight boxing Champion of the World. Bramble was raised on Saint ...

  • Ras-I Alujah Bramble (born Livingstone Bramble on September 3, 1960) is the former WBA Lightweight boxing Champion of the World. Bramble was raised on Saint Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. He became the first world champion from Saint Kitts and Nevis. Although his last recorded fight occurred on June 26, 2003, he has never officially announced his retirement, and constantly hints that he wishes to fight on. His current record stands at 40–26–3 (25 KOs).

10. Boxing Cards > Livingstone Bramble

  • 2010 Ringside Boxing Round One Turkey Red #54 Livingstone Bramble.

  • 2010 Ringside Boxing Round One Turkey Red #54 Livingstone Bramble

Livingstone Bramble (2024)
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